Essentials Oils for Constipation

The feeling of always needing to go to the bathroom is definitely not a good one. It’s weird just being bloated and can be quite inconvenient already if you’re constipated and experience pain to pass. Some people are just really prone to this mostly due to lack of fiber or too much dairy, but sometimes it can also be caused by taking painkillers or some vitamins like Iron. For my case, I’ve noticed that this normally happens when the holidays come up and yeah, the food can be irresistible! And where most of the time, fiber isn’t a usual part of a feast. You said it! Meat, meat and more meat! So what I would usually do in between these parties is that I make sure I get enough water and would stack up on fruits and salads to make up for it. Although laxatives might be effective, I never want my body to get used to taking them as I’m afraid it might cause more harm in the long run.

So what else do I do t support my body? I back up my fibrous food with using essential oils. Here is a list of some oils that you might want to consider in case of such scenarios:

1. Ginger oil – Ginger is known to have a number of uses as a natural remedy. It is usually used to relieve nausea. But ginger essential oil can be used to relieve one from constipation and support digestive health. Dilute 1-2 drops into 3 tablespoons of carrier oil and then massage on to your stomach for a few times per day.

2. Fennel oil – Most commonly known as an herb used in cooking, Fennel fruits and seeds are actually rich in dietary fibers and works as a laxative. Fennel essential oil is most effective when rubbing on to the abdomen along with carrier oil.

3. Orange oil – We probably have heard about taking citrus fruits to increase fiber in our system. Lemon fruit can be more frequently associated for helping relieve constipation. But using Orange oil can also aid digestion.

4. Peppermint oil – Peppermint is powerful as not only does it elevate one’s mood but it also helps in relaxing digestive muscles. Whether it is used alone or with other essential oils, it can pack a number of benefits for tummy troubles in general.

5. Rosemary oil – I love Rosemary for its scent and for using it as a wonderful herb for our dishes. I was surprised that this essential oil can actually help relieve bloating and act as a natural remedy for constipation too.

6. Sweet basil oil – The herb itself is known as an herb to relieve digestion problems and has been used in the olden days as herbal medicine. The Sweet Basil essential oil can help relief from constipation.

7. Marjoram oil – You’ve probably noticed by now that a lot of the essential oils that can help relieve constipation and digestive disorders are mostly herbs that we are more familiar as used in cooking. It’s simply for the reason that herbal medicine has really been explored in the ancient times. And now that these oils have resurfaced, we are utilizing studies that have been done in the past by the Egyptians, Greeks, etc. Marjoram was actually known as a natural laxative and can now be used in essential oil form to massage your belly to get your digestive health to function better.

8. Black pepper oil – Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, using Black pepper essential oil may be able to assist your digestive health to get back on track. More importantly, it can help eliminate excess waste matter and gas in your gut.

9. Lemon oil – The well-known citrus fruit to aid digestion and detoxify our bodies is no other than Lemon. It has anti-oxidant compounds that can help relieve bloating and constipation.

10. Rose oil – If you’re not a fan of herb-based essential oils due to its smell, you can use Rose oil and its sweet smell to help ease your stomach.

It has been a relief for me that I can get an extra boost for my body in dealing with constipation with simply just going the natural way. There are days that I’m proud of being able to completely eat healthy, balanced meals for months. But there are days when I can’t help but find additional ways of supporting my body. Essential oils have definitely been a big help to me but if you’re fairly new to using them, I would highly suggest reading up on the basics first and slowly get to know them better on how it would best fit your lifestyle. But if you’re keen on going for natural remedies, using them is a good choice.